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The Best Online Marketing ToolsAs a search engine marketing specialist, I am constantly learning about new online marketing tools to improve our SEO execution processes. I gathered a list of tools that I currently use during research and analysis of sites for search engine optimization. These tools are helpful for finding keyword suggestions, checking and monitoring backlinks, assessing the competition, and getting an SEO snapshot of a webpage.

  1. Google Keyword Tool is a great tool for keyword research and suggestions. The keyword tool is available through a Google Adwords account and allows you to research up to 250 words then get results of similar keyword suggestions. Each keyword list that is generated can be exported into an excel sheet and organized by monthly search volume and competing websites.
  2. WordTracker.Com is a great tool for finding niche keyword terms that are highly searched but are not highly competitive providing windows to SEO opportunities. Niche keyword terms are great for generating traffic and leads through targeted search engines queries.
  3. LinkVelocityTool.Com is a new backlink checking tool that is being offered free for a limited time by Optimum7. You can sign up for this tool and receive reports on your website’s backlink velocity rate as well as the rate of your competitors.  Now you actually know how far you will need to go and how fast to beat your competition!  But, you have to use it to win.
  4. SpyFu.Com is one of my favorite tools because it gives you valuable information on sites that are directly competing with your site for organic and paid keywords. This is a great tool to see who your competitors are on the web.
  5. SEO Quake is a useful plug-in available on Firefox that gives a quick SEO snapshot of each website you visit. SEO Quake reveals page rank, Google backlinks, Yahoo backlinks, and Delicious bookmarks amongst other things. Once you have installed SEOQuake you can simply right-click on any page for more in depth information.

To look for more resources, search on the internet for “online marketing tools”. You’ll find that many results will turn up in your search but the best way to find out which tools work best for you is by reading reviews and testing out different tools. While some tools are free and downloadable, some are only accessible through a monthly or yearly fee. Many companies release online marketing tools and offer a free trial letting you to test it out first. Once you find the tools that work for you, begin to include them in your process to maximize results and your SEO efforts.

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