eCommerce Data Migration for Enterprise Level Companies (Over One Million SKUs)

eCommerce Data Migration for Enterprise Level Companies (Over One Million SKUs)

Challenges of a Large Data Migration with Millions of SKUs Today we’re going to be talking about migrating an eCommerce store that has over a million-plus SKUs. We’ve done tons of eCommerce migrations moving from BigCommerce to Shopify or Volusion to BigCommerce. eCommerce Migration: The Difference With Million-Plus SKUs What makes the difference? Having over […]

Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords for eCommerce

For many eCommerce businesses, Google Ads is one of the main marketing channels. Because Google Ads is a pretty big platform with tons of different options to choose from so it can get complicated for eCommerce businesses. It can be very basic or very technical. It can be as easy as just loading up a […]

eCommerce Due Diligence For Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

At Optimum7, we get a lot of requests from prospects who often ask about Due Diligence Consulting. Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms are very active in acquisitions so they will schedule an appointment to ask, “We are thinking about buying this or investing in this eCommerce business. Can you help us break down what […]

BigCommerce SEO and Content Marketing Guide

Optimum7 is an Elite Certified partner with BigCommerce. With an extensive portfolio of clients, the team provides Bigcommerce development services, planning, strategy, and marketing. SEO has a high revenue potential; it will keep exponentially increasing in relevance. If you invest in SEO correctly, building content hierarchy and structure, your business will earn millions of revenue […]

Pay For Performance eCommerce Marketing with Facebook Paid Ads and SEO 

If you’re a business owner, you’re undoubtedly thinking to yourself, “Pay for Performance marketing sounds wonderful.” While the idea of just paying for SEO when it is effective is enticing, the sad fact is that this is not how SEO works in practice, for most cases anyway. Using pay-for-performance SEO has a number of dangers, […]

How to Optimize Google Shopping Ads | Optimum7

Creating a data feed alone is not enough to successfully advertise your products on Google, but it’s a step in the right direction. You also need to create an optimized campaign with great results to help avoid wasting money by focusing on unsuccessful or underperforming campaigns while ignoring the ones with higher potential. We also […]

What's the Best eCommerce Platform for Selling Items Online?

At Optimum7, we get this question a lot. And honestly, it’s a tough question. It’s a big decision and one that’s going to have a long-term effect on your business going forward. So it is understandable that you take your time and find the best possible option. The most truthful answer is that it depends. […]

eCommerce Replatforming Checklist for Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento 

This week’s Surge Session focuses on eCommerce migration, which refers to switching your eCommerce operation from your current platform to a different one. We cover everything from the benefits and risks of re-platforming, to the pros and cons of different eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. We also go over customization, apps, […]

How Do I Start an eCommerce Business?

At Optimum7, there’s a question that we hear quite frequently.  How Do I Start an eCommerce Business? We work with brands that earn anywhere from $2 million to $110 million in annual revenue. Whenever we get this question, we tell prospective clients that there are four things that we want to go after: products, platform […]

How to Advertise Restricted Products Online | Optimum7

There are plenty of products that consumers want. Most of them carry restrictions for the companies that manufacture, market, and sell these products. There is also a diverse range of eCommerce platforms, advertising platforms, and marketplaces that could benefit from, selling restricted products. At Optimum7, when a prospective client comes to us with a restricted […]