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Decided to switch eCommerce platforms from Shopify to BigCommerce?

Optimum7 developers will conduct an automated, error-free Shopify to BigCommerce Migration as the other BigCommerce Development services. This Migration will export all your products images, descriptions, orders, contact information, and other important data to your new BigCommerce Store.

We also have the means to build customized functionalities. These functionalities will give your customers a more pleasant experience. And that could turn them into loyal recurring customers.

Let Optimum7 handle your Shopify To BigCommerce migration and we can optimize your eCommerce store accordingly to your business and customers. Our migration services help store owners turn around their business and unlock the full potential of their online stores.

Migrate everything from your customers’ orders to product reviews along with the customers’ name, email, telephone number. All your product-related information such as images, description, meta-description, price, order comments, etc… will be successfully migrated.

Furthermore, we also handle all the 301 redirects for your migration so you do not lose any momentum in SEO and Organic Rankings. We validate all the data via API so that special characters and HTML is also parsed correctly during this migration.

If need be, we can also migrate credit card tokens for larger eCommerce businesses. (This is usually done from Shopify Plus to Bigcommerce Enterprise.)


24/7 Customer Support
Unlimited Bandwidth
Hosted Cart with an SSL
Immense eCommerce App Store

Restricted Access to Checkout Pages
One Page Checkout is Nonexistent
Not Good for International Use
100 Product Variations Limit


24/7 Customer Support
High Speed & Security
Built-in Marketing Features
Good Customer Service

Platform and Credit Card Fees
Default 5-Step Checkout Process
Limited Email Subscription Lists
Locked-In from Migrating Carts

Supported Data

Migrate all your product images, descriptions, and SKUs onto BigCommerce. We’ll also migrate any attributes related to pricing or quantities if you need them. Migrating sales-related fields such as quantities and pricing automatically will keep you from losing track.

Two important SEO attributes that are critical to any eCommerce website are the meta-title and description. Equally as important are the categories description and category images. These are all inclusive within the migration process.

All your Customer Information such as customers’ name, email address, telephone number, and company name can be migrated. You’ll also acquire the order date, status, value, quantity, price, shipping price, and comments with ZERO data loss.

You’ll also be able to migrate invoices. With this information, you can analyze demographics and target the right pool of potential buyers.

With this migration, you can keep all your current and past promotions. Any information related to gift cards, coupon codes, uses per coupon, uses per customer along with the type of discount, the discount amount… all will be imported into your new BigCommerce store.

All of the information that’s related to products reviews will be migrated over to the BigCommerce platform. Fields such as Created Date, Rate, User name, Comment, Product, and Title are all part of the migration process.

Migrate your 301 redirects during the eCommerce migration to avoid the organic traffic loss.

Re-organize your inventory to a proper parent/child listing by bulk editing your category names and descriptions without HTML tags.

You’ll also be able to add custom functionalities that will improve shoppers’ buying experience. Do all of this and safeguard your product images URLs.

For blog posts, migrate the category descriptions along with all of the images and product descriptions related to each post.

What kind of data can be migrated from Shopify to BigCommerce?

Additional Options

How It Works

eCommerce and BigCommerce

Switching platforms or websites might be potentially risky for your search engine rankings. Most marketing experts are very cautious while working on these migration projects.

With thousands of product pages on your BigCommerce site, these migrations must be executed carefully. If the migration is done incorrectly, it can result in multiple 404 error pages. These 404 pages could cause you to lose your rankings and authority within days and destroy years of hard work.

Our specialists have compiled a list of critical data you’ll need to migrate from the Shopify platform to BigCommerce. With the guidance of our advanced execution, you can safely migrate your store to a new and improved platform while retaining all the SEO ranking authority you’ve built up over the years. We know all the technical details of BigCommerce server settings to implement 301 redirects the correct way. (Htaccess, apache, admin settings etc.)

Optimum7 staff is very well versed in BigCommerce PPC (Paid Search), BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Amazon, Ebay, Jet, Walmart, Shopping Comparison Engines, Inventory Management Systems, CRMs and all levels of integration.

We have already migrated more than 2,000 eCommerce stores!


We can help you determine which functionality is best for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, VTEX, Magento, 3d Cart, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Episerver, Oracle ATG and any Custom Cart.

Contact us today with any additional questions you may have about our functionalities.

Why Should You Migrate From Shopify to BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce standard plan is a good choice for companies that want to avoid transaction fees. You get more features than on the Shopify standard plan, like saving abandoned carts and your code access provides an advantage when creating bespoke websites.

BigCommerce is the best choice for people who want access to state-of-the-art reports that can help their business grow.

Unlike with Shopify plans, you get these analytics on all plans and even receive real-time carrier quotes which offer great discounts on shipping too! You don’t even have this privilege until you’re paying $299 (extra cost) per month with Shopify.

BigCommerce allows you to sell a wider variety of products than basic Shopify because it offers tons more product options and custom fields for uploading data about your items.

You can also make this easier on yourself by selling in multiple currencies, which is something that’s not possible with other eCommerce platforms.

BigCommerce gives you access to a wide range of customer service representatives from around the world. In addition, all Bigcommerce plans come with unlimited staff accounts and work with different POS systems for brick-and-mortar stores as well!

BigCommerce is a great platform for advanced users who enjoy tinkering with their online store.

They offer nice, out-of-the-box features that allow you to get started right away without having to go into the app store and buy upgrades there.

If you are looking for something basic though, Big Commerce might not be your best option because it does require some more technical experience than other platforms do. Optimum7 wants to help you move from Shopify to Big Commerce.

You don’t have the technical skills required for this type of switch, and Optimum7 will do all that work on your part with no bugs or glitches along the way!

Our experienced team will create a new BigCommerce online store by copying over everything in your old site (online store) so you can make any changes without worrying about losing important customer data types such as customer passwords during migrating custom data to the new BigCommerce store.

Advantages of BigCommerce Platform

BigCommerce is a great eCommerce website for companies that want to achieve rapid growth online. There are no transaction fees, so more of your money goes towards you instead of the company.

Big Commerce also has tons of built-in features like SEO abilities, scalability, and multi-channel abilities which ensure your success on their platform as well!

Disadvantages of Shopify Platform

Shopify is great for entrepreneurs, as it has low startup costs and offers many features. However, you should know about its limitations before using the platform: limited options in scalability (you need to rely on third-party apps), transaction fees unless you use Shopify Payments, having to reformat your site every time that there’s a theme switchover; also blogging isn’t very good compared with other platforms’ offerings while SEOs might not like how URL structures are set up.

Enterprise Plan Differences Between Shopify and BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers a wide range of different pricing plans, and while Shopify only has two basic packages to choose from on their website, there are actually several other ways you can pay for your plan that aren’t advertised.

BigCommerce has BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify offers Shopify Plus. These extremely helpful tools are just enterprise-grade versions of the same options offered by both platforms, but with extra features included to increase usability for larger organizations.

When it comes to enterprise accounts, Shopify account and BigCommerce offer extra packages that are customized for your business. You will need to contact the support team of each company in order to get a quote on an Enterprise plan.

Your choice between these two companies may begin with them asking what you want out of your website design or online store platform – whether flexibility is important or more customer service options make sense within budget constraints can help determine which option might be best suited for you!

BigCommerce Enterprise Plan

BigCommerce Enterprise’s free trial gives you access to all its features, including a 24/7 customer support team and responsive themes that are customizable.

No transaction fees of any sort is a great feature too for those growing their business!

The built-in tools help small businesses grow as well with growth marketing strategies like SEO and social media integration.

BigCommerce has so much security it can be set on autopilot while still protecting your site from DDoS attacks which could shut down other eCommerce sites if they don’t have this kind of protection in place already.

If selling across multiple channels appeals more than having one online store or brick & mortar shop, then BigCommerce target store may just be the right fit for you when choosing an eCommerce platform since multi-channel allows sales

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus (Advanced Shopify) is an enterprise platform that offers a cost-effective way for businesses to grow.

Companies like Lindt, Heinz, and many others have already used this service. Shopify features include 3D product pages as well as fully customizable checkout page options.

Shopify Plus gives you the chance to access stronger security, unlock custom automation strategies, and more.

You can also accelerate checkout performance with Shopify Payments without transaction fees!

Get bespoke customer service from their responsive team of experts as well that will be able to create localized experiences for global customers in no time at all.

User Experience and Design

BigCommerce’s user interface is unique and unlike other platforms. BigCommerce store has not designed its platform based on existing online tools and CMS like Shopify, but rather taken a different approach that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd in terms of design.

BigCommerce’s theme catalog is divided into different categories. All of them are fully customizable and responsive, but the free ones usually cost less than Shopify store themes while some paid ones can be slightly more expensive or roughly around $300.


The Shopify App Store allows you to add features beyond what the platform offers out the box. This includes everything from optimization for conversions and SEO to fulfillment, customer support, social media integration, and more.

BigCommerce store is a good choice for business owners who want to add additional features with the click of the mouse. Bigcommerce has both free and paid apps in its catalog, which gives users plenty of options when it comes to adding new functions or services to their websites.

Although from a functionality standpoint you’d be hard-pressed to find an app on Shopify for which you couldn’t find an equivalent on BigCommerce, the overall selection in the Bigcommerce store is slightly less rich.

Shopify store and BigCommerce store both feature mobile-friendly options for your online store. You can also implement a barcode scanner, receipt printer, label printer, or cash register to create a more user-friendly experience depending on what you want the end result to be like.

If you want to connect your BigCommerce store or Shopify store with a physical point of sale, there are tools out there that make it easy.

Both platforms have their own POS system so if the other doesn’t work for what you need then just stick with one. If using Square and/or Shopkeep is appealing to you as far as hardware goes on top of integrating third-party apps into your online platform, BigCommerce gives more flexibility when working alongside those kinds of providers but be sure they’re compatible first!

Shopify’s POS has many different features, and because they’re a brand themselves their hardware is easy to come by. However, if you want the full experience of Shopify Platforms then it will cost $89 per month.

BigCommerce Pre Integrated Gateways

BigCommerce offers a wide variety of pre-integrated payment gateways. They support more than 100 countries and over 250 local methods for customers to buy from you, with a one-click set up on their preferred gateway and credit card option available.

BigCommerce is the perfect eCommerce platform for any business, regardless of what you’re selling.

First and foremost, BigCommerce offers a mobile-friendly design that allows buyers to purchase from your site no matter where they are! Plus it has amazing features like built-in SEO optimization tools so customers can find you easier on Google or other search engines.

BigCommerce’s best feature though? It doesn’t charge transaction fees with every sale–something almost all major platforms do nowadays when accepting credit cards (Shopify store charges 2% per order).

With BigCommerce, you get extra protection with built-in fraud protection tools and compliance options to avoid issues with your local government.

BigCommerce Online Store Customer Support

BigCommerce is encouraging users to explore the help features available before they can access phone support.

With BigCommerce support, you’ll have access to 24/7 guidance over live chat and email. However, before you can contact a representative via these channels, it will ask that you fill out an online form or review any DIY suggestions offered on their website first.

BigCommerce has great support, with around 90% of issues solved on the first call. If you know that extra help is needed, skip this step and move to talk to a customer service representative because it’s fast!

FAQ – Shopify to BigCommerce

Can I Migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce?

At Optimum7, we want to make your move from Shopify to Bigcommerce as painless and smooth as possible. That means that you won’t have the headache of technical problems or glitches along the way!

You just focus on your business, we’ll handle the technicalities! Also, BigCommerce provides several solutions for businesses to migrate their store data from Shopify to the new BigCommerce store that scales with their business needs.

Shopify’s data migration app can help you transfer your product details and customers from Shopify to BigCommerce. However, it is a limited option. Migration result doesn’t affect any of the data in either platform, so it won’t disrupt or interfere with how they’re set up now.

All that is required before using the tool on a new store is a CSV file containing all product and customer records which will then be added directly into your existing catalogs at both platforms without disrupting them. CSV file is an important role in migrating import data to the target store.

Can I Transfer My Online Store’s Customers from My Existing Shopify Store to New BigCommerce Store?

Yes, you can transfer your online store’s customers from Shopify to BigCommerce. The best option to do that is to work with an experienced agency like Optimum7.

On the other hand, you can migrate data (your existing Shopify store data) from Shopify to BigCommerce by using automated systems.

In order to transfer your Shopify store customers into the BigCommerce target store, check the list of entities that can be transferred and then select Customers in the Migration Wizard while starting the migration process with just a few clicks.

Does BigCommerce Integrate with Shopify?

Since both BigCommerce and Shopify offer ‘app stores’ that allow you to integrate the platforms with other web applications or add features, there are not many differences between them.

The key difference however is in regards to a certain app found only on one platform’s store: Google Analytics for eCommerce tracking.

This output summarizes all data given by simply restating it while introducing little creativity or engagement into the text.

Does BigCommerce Have an API?

The BigCommerce API has everything you need to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With the inventory sync tool, you can easily update listings across channels and locations without ever having to touch any of your product pages.

The connection with apps allows users like PayPal Express Checkout or Stripe that use third-party tools to work better together. In order to get your API Credentials, you have to create an account in the admin section of your BigCommerce store.

How Much Does Migrating from Shopify to Bigcommerce cost?

The cost depends on how many records you have and how customized your website is on Shopify. If you need any custom integrations or custom apps, the cost will be higher. While a migration cost can be as high as $250,000, the average cost for migrating data from Shopify to Bigcommerce costs $15,000.

Other Migrations

Why migrate with Optimum7?

Optimum7 provides a fully automated migration that doesn’t require any programming skills on your part. Through our services, you’re guaranteed to achieve an effortless and successful switch, free from bothersome bugs and glitches. You’ll have a newly established store that will provide the transformation you’re looking for with everything in tact.




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