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You Know You're a Writer When…

Hahaha-AnalysisWhether you write for your personal blog, a marketing company, are a published author, or just do it for fun, folks who find themselves in this line of work often encounter similar situations and share a very special kind of humor. 

And sometimes, rather than advice on writing or some kind of inspiration, we just need to take a break, laugh, remember that there are other people feeling the same frustrations and triumphs, and be reminded that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

So without further ado, you know you’re a writer when…

…you told your parents you were going for a Lit degree and they reacted like Chris Farley:

When You Told Your Parents You Were Going for a Lit Degree

…sassing a teacher meant saying something like this:


…you decide that this would be way more fun than pinning the tail on the donkey, the diaper on the baby, or the bachelorette favorite, pinning the hose on the fireman:

you'd be lying

…you explain the Oxford comma like this (or explain it at all):

You May Still Love the Oxford Comma

…you approach a messy house with this attitude:

This is your life philosophy

…your friends suggest you get an eReader and all you can picture is this:

You Still Want Books

…you’re willing to admit the green section is a little bigger than pictured:

The Creative Process…you tell yourself lies like this:

The Biggest Lie

…you are acutely aware of just how important using the proper tense is:

tense matters

Thesaurus.com is one of the first things in your toolbar:


…you’re actually willing to post a meme called “nerd quirk” just because it’s true:

Nerd Quirk

…you have these “awkward moments” more often than you’d care to admit:

Question Its Existence

…and worry that your face may get stuck this way:

70 Percent of Editing

…you’ve written a piece of absolute genius and become Paranoid Parrot:

Paranoid Parrot …you talk to someone who refuses to enunciate their words and think about it like this:

hear misspellings

…you’ve had to assign work to an intern and seriously lamented your lack of clear instruction:

Give Clear Instructions

…you’ve seen typos and errors so egregious all you can do this:

Jackie Chan - I Cannot

…someone asks you to edit something and you become a chef:

When Someone Asks You To Edit Something For Them

…you’ve daydreamed something like this:

We're Commas, Come Down

…you get so cocky you’re even willing to edit Buddha:

even willing to edit buddha

…a mistake gives you a mental image like this and you can’t help but hope that’s what they actually meant:

Stop Clubbing!

…you wholeheartedly agree with Mark Twain’s opinion of people who can only think of one way to spell a word (on a metaphorical level, of course) and get excited when you see it being applied to popular song lyrics:

Only One Way to Spell a Word or Say Something? I think not.

…you question your intelligence when you have trouble explaining something (thanks, Einstein):

How True Sir

…you’re not even sure you want kids, but have stuff like this Pinned just in case:

Not Even Sure You Want Kids

…and plan on dressing him or her up like your favorite children’s book:

plan on dressing up your baby

…you experience a moment of panic when looking at a blank Word doc:

Do Not Fear the Blank Page

…you read something you just wrote and put on your Snoopy face:

Snoop Editing

…this statement has a deep, clear, and personal meaning – even if you’ve been sober for the last 12 years:

Edit Sober

…puns like this warm the cockles of your heart:

Grammar Humor

 …you were given tests that featured a writing prompt and actually got excited:

You Love a Good Writing Prompt

 …and when you need a little help taking Hemigway’s advice, you make excuses and follow Betty White’s lead:

A Glass of Wine

Do you have a folder full of memes you look at when you’re stressed or just can’t decide how to say something? Do you scroll through them periodically and laugh to yourself? I’d love to see them! Find me on Twitter @PR0SENCRANTZ.

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