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The Big Five Personality Traits Applied to Content Writers

The Big Five Personality Traits Applied to Content Writers

The Big Five Personality Traits Applied to Content WritersOpen?

Which one are YOU? What’s YOUR personality?

We’ve all heard the clichés that life is a journey… but a journey where exactly? What will we find? Hopefully you’ll discover who you are, how you act and react in certain situations and how to live the best way you possibly can as that person. The same is true of becoming a content writer.

Before diving in, however, we recommend you take another, smaller journey to find out who you are as a writer. Equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to find strategies that are compatible with the way you work so that you can drive traffic to your site, be seen as an authority in your niche and ultimately avoid any bumps in the road to success.

So, what kind of writer will you be? Do you have the personality it takes to become a successful content writer? Let’s find out!

1.     Openness

Are you that friend who’s always encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones? To try that spicy dish from your local Indian restaurant or to sign up for belly dancing classes? There’s nothing wrong with that. It just means that you’re open to all of life’s wondrous experiences. You’re the kind of individual who lusts for variety. You embrace cultural diversity and are accepting of different lifestyle choices. You dislike convention and traditions and try to spice things up a little every now and then.

While this can work in your favor, you’ve really got to be careful to not offend any of your readers who may have a more conservative view than you. All it takes is one little marketing blunder for people to boycott your blog and to damage your online reputation. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that you’re not narrow minded as this will open you up to new ideas for your content, encourage you to think outside the box and deliver informative, persuasive, engaging and interesting material to a wider spectrum of diverse audiences.

It’s still, however, very important that you don’t allow your openness to turn you into a scatterbrained writer. Discovering and catering to your niche is the key to becoming a strategic content writer. If you want to cover “out of the box” topics within your niche, that is fine – but ultimately, there needs to be a central focus.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t speak to all audiences, but always remember that while it’s great to be open, direct and creative with your writing, it’s even more important to create content with your niche and your purpose in mind.

We Recommend:

-Opinion Pieces

2.     Conscientiousness

Are you driven? Perhaps a bit of a perfectionist? Do half-assed jobs piss-you-off? If you fall into this category it just means that you’re a very detail orientated and thorough individual. Good for you! Google’s going to love your writing style, and so will we, the people. Why, you ask? Google’s Panda update painfully reminded many content writers that low quality content will no longer be tolerated by the Search Engine Giant. You’ve either got to write high quality content or suffer the consequences and be penalized by Google. So what exactly is high quality content?

At Optimum7, we’ve coined the term “Power Article” which refers to content that is at least 1000-1500+ words and is relevant, credible and authoritative. It’s proven that Power Articles help to counteract against past, present, and future Google algorithm updates as they offer the exact kind of original and in-depth content the search engines deem Page 1 worthy.

As a highly motivated, self-disciplined and conscientious individual, we’re confident that your audience will be able to rely on you to consistently publish high quality power content. Consistency is a key here and your hard working and reliable personality shows that you have what it takes to really succeed as a content writer.

We Recommend:

– Power Articles
– White Papers
– eBooks

3.     Extraversion

Is it always you who’s the center of attention? Is it your chatty and bubbly personality that’s always lighting up the room? Do you have the unique ability to put a smile on anyone’s face? Fantastic! Let’s see if you can transmit this contagious, lively personality into your writing and put a smile on your reader’s faces too.

After all, it’s important you remember that we’re no longer writing for the search engines. We’re writing for the people. And people love to see a little personality in your writing.

If you have an outgoing personality you’re also highly likely to succeed in Social Media networking, Guest Blogging, and Public Relations Outreach. This is because the market is oversaturated with robotic pitches that many journalists, reporters and bloggers don’t have the time for. To truly excel in content marketing today, it’s all about building relationships through Social Media or better yet, face-to-face. If you’re able to connect with influential media and top tier blog owners you’ll be more likely to get a link back to your site which is exactly the kind of high quality backlink Google’s Penguin update is pushing for.

You never know though. It’s a strange phenomenon that the most introverted individuals tend to let loose online and make excellent writers. It’s easier for introverts to come out of their shell when they are behind a computer screen. In fact, they enjoy spending time alone, and what could possibly be better than writing your little heart out in solitude? So don’t be discouraged if you’re not the most outgoing of the pack. Content creation might be just the thing to build your real world confidence.

We Recommend:

-Relationship and Advice Blogs
-Conducting Interviews
-Social Media Networking
-Public Relations Outreach

4.     Agreeableness

Do you easily empathize with other people? Do you show sympathy, understanding and compassion to those in need? Is your list of good deeds as impressive as Bono’s? Ok, maybe that’s raising the bar a little too high… but you’re exactly the kind of individual who’s destined for success.

This is because the online community absolutely loves a helpful blogger. “How To” guides and “Tips” articles are considered highly valuable not only by users, but by Google too. This kind of highly informative content is destined for high ranks as people will really appreciate your blog posts and in turn become loyal subscribers.

If you can also find a way to apply your helpful personality to Social Media then you’ll further reap the benefits. Think about it. There are thousands of individuals seeking solutions to their problems on Social Media sites. If you can spread some of your kindness on popular Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, people will begin to see you as an honest, decent and trustworthy individual. With a little perseverance, you will become the next authority in your niche.

We Recommend:

-How to Guides
-Tips Articles
-Free Guides, White Papers, eBooks, etc.
-Commenting on Blogs, Forums and Social Media

5.     Neuroticism

Are you always on edge? Do you constantly experience mood swings? Are you green with envy and easily jealous of people? We’ll be honest. You’re going to need a serious attitude adjustment if you’re going to survive in the online community. We get it. Google’s got you stressing about what zoo animal they’re going to unleash next. You’re really not going to do yourself or your site any favors, however, by unnecessarily working yourself up over it. While writing bias comparisons and negative reviews might be your cup of tea, it’s clear to readers that your critiques are unfair and uncalled for.

Your anxiety and irritability is going to cause your creative juices to stop flowing and the constant flow of content on your blog is going to dry out. You’ll notice less and less traffic to your site as a result. You’re going to be so consumed by your resentment of your fellow competitors that it’s going to block you from building relationships with them and showing a little link love.

Remember, linking to authoritative sources is actually favored by Google and can work to build your site’s own authority. As far as Social Media goes… you can forget that! Word on the streets is that you’re a social snob. Tweeters really don’t care for your neurotic behavior and you will inevitably be shunned.

We Recommend:

-A Serious Counseling Session with Matt Cutts
-Quotes from Mother Teresa
-Getting off your high horse (or psychotherapy!)


What kind of writer are you? Open? Conscientious? Extroverted? Agreeable? Neurotic?
Don’t fret if you feel that you overlap between two or more of the Big Five personalities. It doesn’t mean you’re schizophrenic. Take advantage of it and extract the best qualities from each!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in content creation, attract more visitors to your site and gain more leads? We can help. Optimum7 manages content for a diverse range of clients and can help you to find your online personality. Contact us today to get started!


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