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By now almost everyone with a website is aware of the concept of search engine optimization.  Not everyone knows about social media optimization and social bookmarking. Like SEO, SMO is a way to increase the visibility of your website in order to gain more targeted traffic and boost conversion rates. The techniques for social media optimization are different than SEO techniques, but it is possible to implement a successful SMO campaign by understanding each step of the process.

There are two distinct types of social media optimization. The first involves using social media features directly in content. These features include polling tools, sharing buttons, RSS feeds and user feedback. These tools allow the user to feel like they are participating in the content of a website. The second is utilizing promotional activities. These are done to promote things other than the actual content of the website.  Popular ways to achieve this are through the use of blogging, discussion boards and status updates. Both of these options are excellent ways to utilize social media in order to promote your website.

There are other benefits to social media optimization as well.  The first allows web masters to take advantage of the phenomenon of viral marketing.  Like the old fashioned concept of ‘word of mouth’ social media allows your visibility to grow exponentially. By capitalizing on techniques such as photo sharing, video sharing and social bookmarking, you can develop a viral campaign of your own.

Social media optimization should be considered an important component of your reputation management system. Sometimes referred to as Search Engine Reputation Management, it is a strategy that allows you to manage your online presence and counteract some of the dangers of social media. Social media may be the best forum to respond to negative publicity and to announce new and exciting promotion or products.

To develop a compelling social media optimization plan, you should focus your efforts on five key areas:

  1. Connecting communities
  2. Moving content
  3. Rewarding inbound links
  4. Encouraging linkability
  5. Ease of bookmarking

These areas, when successfully executed will allow you to take advantage of all social media sites have to offer.

It was important to note that social media optimization won’t only increase your presence on the social networking sites; it will also have an impact on your search engine results. Because many of your SMO efforts will increase your links and expand your content, search engine spiders are likely to get you higher search engine ranking.

As you can see, spending some time on social media optimization is a win-win situation. The only drawback may be the amount of time needed to fully implement a SMO plan.  Be sure to carefully budget your time and to take advantage of tools like RSS feeds to make each action you take count the most.

When marketing your online business, don’t stop at search engine optimization. Complete the package by developing and implementing an integrated social media optimization plan. Your visitor counts will be higher than ever when you pack this double punch. If you need help, contact us. We can help!

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