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Shopping Cart Features That Will Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Administrators of powerful eCommerce stores know that the key to growing your conversion rate is using every feature of your store, including the shopping cart, as a tool for better customer communication and service. The possibilities are endless: you can make the cart always visible to your customers to let them keep track of their total, or remind customers of promotions at your store, and much more.

To keep your eCommerce store a dynamic and well-adapted platform, you need to view every aspect of the store from the front page to the shopping cart, as an asset that can be maximized for utility. These 8 functionalities from Optimum7 can help you make the most of your online shopping cart, and increase conversions.

  1. Multiple Shopping Cart Integration

    We can integrate multiple, distinct shopping carts together in order to centralize your inventory, pricing, and order management data. We can integrate multiple Volusion, Bigcommerce, Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify stores via one functional master dashboard.

  2. Always Visible Sticky Cart

    Make the shopping cart permanently visible for users on the right-hand side of your website with our sticky cart functionality. Users can instantly glance and see what they have in their cart and what their running total is.

  3. Order Together and Pay Separately

    The Order Together and Pay Separately functionality will let multiple users make purchases together as a group. Users will be able to invite their friends and family into a purchasing group with their own shopping cart. Users from the cart will be able to add items to the shopping cart. This functionality will ask the users how they would like to divide the cost, on a per item basis or split by percentages.

  4. Add to Cart to See Price

    Hide the price of a product unless a user adds it to their cart. This functionality encourages users to add items to the cart and builds a sense scarcity that gets the user excited about completing an order.

  5. Promotion Reminder in Shopping Cart

    Reminder users about a live promotion right in the shopping cart to encourage them to complete their order. Reduce abandoned carts by reminding users of promotions they may have forgotten about after adding products to their cart. The promotion reminder can be a button that when clicked adds the promotion to the user’s cart instantly

  6. Shopping Cart Activity Functionality

    Do you want to know what shoppers are doing with their online shopping carts on your eCommerce website? Find out what items customers are adding and removing from carts; who in your database has added something; the most popular products and brands placed in shopping carts; how long shoppers spend before making final purchase decisions, and more. This functionality sends businesses regular updates of what their online customers are up to.

  7. Reserved Cart Timer

    This functionality displays a countdown timer next to the shopping cart indicating how long the items in the cart are reserved for the user. Great for encouraging users to check out with high-demand items fast.

  8. In Cart Item Sellout Notification 

    The In Cart Item Sellout Notification functionality will inform the user when an item in their cart sells out and provides the user with backorder options, save for later options, etc.



Whether you are tracking shopping cart activity to learn why customers are hesitating on a purchase, or providing better customers service by offering them options when an item in their cart sells out, these functionalities will make your store a more effective eCommerce platform.

You will notice that the goal of each functionality is to provide the customer with better information while creating a sense of urgency around reservations and sellouts of given products, which are powerful psychological tools that can push customers towards completing a sale. We look forward to detailing how each of these functionalities applies to your store. To learn more about these functionalities, contact Optimum7 today.


These eCommerce features are compatible with: BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, and Magento.

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