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Optimum7’s Duran Inci Teaches Students at the Miami International University of Art & Design

miami-international-university-of-art-and-design-logoOn February 20, Duran Inci, Co-Founder and COO of Optimum7 was invited by a professor at the Miami International University of Art & Design to lead a student workshop on real world digital strategies and specific instruction for positively influencing online authority and reputation through Google Authorship and Social Media. The workshop stressed why students should care about their online presence and the impact it can have on their ability to find employers who will be willing to hire them upon graduation.

“You’ve really got to be somebody online,” says Duran. “As employers, we’re always seeking young talent on social media sites. It’s only in your best interest to create an online presence for yourself by building a portfolio and getting your work out there, and to network and develop relationships with people who can vouch for your authority.”

Duran’s presentation included a series of infographics that illustrated how employers are increasingly researching job candidates on top social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. He explained to students the importance of creating, building, and above all, managing these top four social accounts in order to stay active and credible online.
“Google now knows who you are,” says Duran. “It has become very difficult to hide your online identity, and that’s why it’s more important than ever before for students to be fully aware and educated about this rapidly changing technology. They simply cannot afford to have party pictures of themselves surfacing online.”

A plan of action was given to students to help them influence their online authorities and manage their online reputations. Steps included changing privacy settings to hide photos from public view and to restrict tagging, creating social accounts using their full name and decent photos, “Googling” themselves regularly, setting up Google Alerts for their names, guest blogging, contributing to top tier publications, and starting a blog.

The Miami International University of Art & Design course professor and students loved the presentation. Duran offered students a plan of actionable items and much to think about. The course professor added that the content offered by Optimum7 is 100% relevant to today’s digital environment and should be part of regular college classes.

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