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Online Marketing PlanIf you own a website ,then you definitely understand that without marketing it effectively, it will be lost among the thousands or millions of sites on the web that hold similar information. The only way to have a successful website is to have a great online marketing plan. So how do you find the marketing plan that will work for your site? As always, the best solution is generally to have an expert assist you.

A good online marketing plan generally begins with SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most basic and vital level of online marketing. You can’t make a car work without wheels, and similarly, you can’t get anywhere with a website that does not have good SEO at its core. Search Engine Optimization is how people can find your website, and it is incredibly important to the level and quality of your site’s traffic. SEO can involve many things, from adjusting words in your copy; to arranging your site’s coding to better help search spiders index it. An SEO company can assist with this, and generally, having a team of trained experts is the only way to make sure your site reaches its maximum potential.  However, SEO goes far beyond creating “spiderable” pages so that the search engines can understand your pages.  The fact is that getting the right coding, the right titles, metadata and a perfect sitemap will hardly result in a page 1 results or even close.  These things get you “in the game” or qualify you for potentially great results.  It is the creation and syndication of a steady stream of relevant content that generate highly relevant, naturally occurring backlinks that scores the points with Google, Yahoo, etc.  Backlinks act as votes for your website simply due to the fact that other websites are willing to link to your site without asking anything in return.

Online marketing is all about visibility; Visibility of your URL, of your brand, or even of yourself. To maPPrket your product on the internet effectively, you will want to be as visible as possible. You can accomplish this in many ways. Forums relevant to your site will often have a marketplace, where you can buy and sell goods relating to your niche. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn will allow you to make a profile that puts a human face on your business. These sites will also let you host ads. Google will also let you place ads, available to anyone who searches for your keywords. These ads may also appear on websites that host Adsense. Google’s Pay-Per-Click ads are an excellent way to get visibility immediately, while you wait for your SEO efforts to grow with time.

However you handle your online marketing plan, it’s best to think of your campaign in waves. Some aspects are just as important as others, but may take much longer to accomplish. For example, good SEO doesn’t happen overnight (or even in a month!), but Pay-Per-Click can help you right away. PPC requires an initial investment, while SEO can work for you for years after your SEO Company begins. Building up content on a blog takes time, however sharing a good article on social bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon can help you immediately. Website Optimization is a continuous process that cannot be done in spurts.  It’s a regular long term commitment, only as solid as your commitment to your business to begin with.

Use only a full service Internet Marketing Company to help build, structure and execute an effective online marketing plan.  There are many specialties and sub-specialties that only the best internet marketing companies can command and bring benefit to your site.  You need to look for those companies that clearly demonstrate live and deep results in competitive industries involving competitive keywords.  You need to interview their clients.  You need to know what you can expect and understand that you are not buying a onetime thing; you are making a long term commitment to win on the web.  Contact us to learn more and grow!

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A digital marketing strategy is the path to profitability. Optimum7 can help you set the right goals, offer and implement creative and technical strategies, and use data and analytics to review and improve your business’s performance.

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