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5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post StructureWe are a marketing company. Most companies in our field will take the route of explaining how to make your page more SEO friendly, and will give tips on how to rank on Google (blah, blah, blah). That’s not what this article’s about, but if you apply these tips then everything else will follow suit!

1. Titles

Have you ever created a title, written an entire article, and then realized the original title seems to make no sense? The first tip you can use is to choose your title last. Brainstorm all the brilliant ideas and possible titles, first, and jot everything down. Then, once you’re finished with the article you can go back and see which title fits the best.

The name of your article is what attracts your audience, so some thought will have to go into creating it. I know you really want your title to describe everything you want and then some, but remember less is more. Do not over do it. Keeping it simple, yet catchy enough to draw attention.

2. Be Consistent and Informative

One mistake writers often make is not being clear and concise about the point they are trying to get across. Say you’re writing an article about trains, but then you start going off on a tangent about the rails and the history of the rails. You don’t want that to happen. A great tip that you’ve learned in school that will still work for you today (go figure) is to write an outline. The outline is what will help you start on track and stay on track.

You may want to be funny or throw in some fun facts here and there, and that’s fine. Just make sure the idea you began with, is found within your conclusion.

3. Pictures and Videos

Don’t write a 1000 word article, expecting your reader to just sit there through the entire thing without getting bored at some point. Pictures and videos should be used to grab the reader’s attention and to make your page a bit more colorful.

Be sure to add a picture at top left hand corner of your article before it begins. After the title, the picture is what gives the reader a clue as to what your article is about. Of course, you can never go wrong with memes:

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

But just make sure you…

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

4. Plug-Ins

What is a plug-in? To avoid getting too technical, let me compare it to pizza. A pizza pie is an oven-baked flat bread topped with tomato sauce, cheeses, and many other toppings; now, just think of WordPress as your personal pizza. The plugins are the toppings that you put on your pizza, customized just the way you like—with extra meat, or maybe a vegetarian pizza. On a pizza, the toppings you choose are what make the pizza taste better, and in WordPress, the plug-ins you choose make it easier to write, edit and post your article.

Plug-ins are your friends; don’t be afraid to use them. They were created with you in mind, in order to make your blogging life a lot easier. However, make sure that you research the plugin that you would like to use, and update it often. There are many security issues that arise with WordPress plugins. Avoid getting hacked because of an outdated plugin.

5. Content

This may come as a shocker to some, but what you actually write is the most important factor in creating an awesome WordPress article. (Crazy? I know right!) If you didn’t pay attention to anything else in this article, make sure you pay attention to this: Writing can make or break your blog. Whatever you’re writing about, make sure that it is relevant and that you actually know about it.

Have you ever been in one of those awkward conversations where you know absolutely nothing about the topic (like Quantum Field Theory)?

You definitely don’t want to be “that guy” on the Internet. Whatever it is you choose to write about, take your time to learn a few things about it. If the subject is something that doesn’t need to be studied, just make sure the information you’re using is correct. Whether you are a company, a traveling blog, a photography blogger, or just a person that uses your blog as a diary, make it fit you and your readers and not just Google.

Always remember: you’re writing for your audience, not for search engines!

Don’t Forget

These simple tips can create a big difference on your WordPress page. You must remember that these are just a few elements you can use to make your blog awesome; there are plenty more out there. Go ahead and do some research! Take it upon yourself to learn everything you need to make your articles better. If you are really interested in learning more and search engines aren’t giving you what you really need, contact us today!

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