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After spending a few weeks reaching out to many Volusion partners to create my custom functionality I settled on Optimum7. I approached the project with great detail and expectations. While prices and personalities varied greatly between companies, I felt Optimum 7 had “all the right stuff” to get the job done as expected and without any issues. I came to that conclusion after comparing their live custom work to some of the others as well as a being able to discuss this project with one of their programming team leaders that would oversee the work. Now that the project is finished, I must say I’m so thankful that I chose Optimum7. The project was executed quickly, I was kept in the loop all the way through via their project management system. They even added a functionality “wish” of mine that I mentioned because they still had a bit of time left over from the initial quoted hours. That doesn’t only show me that they are honest on their timing but that they love to make their clients overjoyed. And overjoyed I was! I’ve worked with many 3rd party development companies for custom web-store work over the years and Optimum7 definitely stands out above the rest. Great Job Guys! I am no longer missing the functionality my competitors have!

Rick, Diver Active



We have done many projects now with Optimum7. Some have been easy, but many have required very advanced custom programming. I view them as partners to my business. They are able to quickly discern if a technology problem can be fixed, or if another solution might exist. The work they have done has been completed on time, and if any issues are found later they are able to fix them quickly. We have extended our relationship to include all digital marketing i.e. SEO, Google AdWords, PLAs, Bing Ads as well as content marketing. I’d recommend Optimum 7 to anyone wanting to get more out of the Volusion shopping cart.

Tom McIntyre, School Outlet



I approached Optimum7 with a mammoth wishlist of features we hoped to integrate into our site. Our goals in sum: To create accurately priced and more user-friendly ordering and to automate art proofing of custom products. I fully anticipated dismissal of our lofty objectives. Shockingly, I received an immediate (and enthusiastic!) reply. As weeks turned into months, the team encountered obstacles but they persevered and delivered on nearly everything we had only dreamed would be possible.

Erin Kimmett, EcoEnclose



Optimum7 is a great team of technology experts who are up for any challenge! We are in the process of designing two new eCommerce sites with Volusion and contacted Optimum7 to develop a custom API that would allow us to do forced minimums for our wholesale customers. Of all of the companies I contacted about this project, Optimum 7 was the most helpful answering all of my questions up front and seemed the most knowledgeable about the Volusion platform. The entire process of doing business with them was very easy and professional and they were able to deliver what they promised on time and on budget. Julian and his team of programmers are excellent and they all kept me posted on the project’s progress regularly. Arthur was incredibly helpful as well and was always ready to chat with me any time I needed anything or had questions. Very nice team to work with! I am a very picky person, so please know that I did a ton of research before committing to Optimum7 because I didn’t want to get let down. But the project went great and we look forward to discussing additional projects and integrations with them in the near future.

Brianna Miller, CrossRoads Candles



To the entire Optimum7 team – I want to deeply thank you for your persistence, your imagination and your efforts. You had taken on a task, and you were simply not willing to give up on it. As you have noted, the task is never completed. But we have reached a stage that lets us know that it has been worthwhile. We can only expect even better results in the future that should translate into a more successful Arlyn Scales. Hopefully, that will also reflect back to continuing success for Optimum7.

Arnold Gordon, Arlyn Scales



Professional people that offer great advice and good products. Willing to consider suggestions for little improvements in design. Would use them again.

Susan, Fort. Lauderdale, FL


Optimum 7 create a faceted search to my specs. This replaced a hosted search from Searchspring, which was costing us $500 per month. Even though it wasn’t cheap, we will get ROI relatively quickly not having to pay that enormous rent.

Bolt Guy, Chicago, IL


Optiumum 7 worked with me to update my website and make it easier to navigate. They went over my website and gave me great advice on the areas that needed improvement and how I could make those improvements. They created a mega menu and streamlined the order process with one-page checkout form, among other things.

Shepherds Grove Studio, Eureka, CA


I am one of those small business owners who felt like his website was a money pit with no end in site.
I had gone through I don’t know how many web-based companies making promise after promise. I called Arthur and I told him what I’d been through. With much skepticism, I committed to six months of work with him with the ability to cancel at any time. That was over a year ago and am still with then, I have been very happy with Optimum7.

JD, Charlotte, Michigan


I have used Optimum7 to create custom integrations to do things that our shopping cart did not do natively. This included things that I thought were impossible (I was thinking I would need to go to an open source platform to get it done). Thankfully, they were able to make it work better than I had hoped, for 3 different custom integrations.

Specialist ID, Miami, FL