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Miami, known for its pristine white sand beaches and diverse culture, is home to several key attractions such as Miami Beach, South Beach, the Everglades National Park, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Calle Ocho.

Miami’s best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company, Optimum7, provides proven strategies to increase your website’s visibility and improve your rankings.
We help businesses by expanding their network reach and establishing brand identity through our highly acclaimed Miami SEO services.

Miami SEO specialists and digital marketing experts at Optimum7 provide a multitude of business services to help businesses grow.


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About Optimum7 and Miami SEO


At Optimum7, our team of experienced marketers, engineers, developers, strategists, and writers works with you to plan your marketing strategy then carry out that plan all the way from development to marketing (Content marketing and Miami SEO campaigns, SEM, etc.)

You can improve your company’s business and make money with our eCommerce marketing and web design services!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for internet marketing strategies in that it requires years to properly execute. Making your website SEO-friendly requires strategic, targeted, and high-quality content in addition to monitoring your rankings on search results. 

Our digital marketing agency and SEO experts work with the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition on search engine results pages.  Our in-house SEO experts make sure your content is always top-notch and on-brand. In order to prove our work provides high-impact results, we set up analytics and goals that can be tracked for ROI.

By The Numbers Optimum7

We ranked more than
1 Million Keywords

We determine the keywords your audience is searching for and develop an SEO strategy that will increase your online presence.

We created more than 20,000 pieces of content per year

We have in-house copywriters, videographers, and graphic designers that make sure your content is high-quality and on-brand with your business.

We increase 70% Average eCommerce Revenue

Our SEO experts and digital marketing team use the latest tools, technologies, and techniques to help your business grow. We drive traffic that converts leads into sales for you.

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Why Should You Choose Optimum7 As Your Miami SEO Company?

Partnering up with the right Miami SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital marketing, and web development company is key, regardless of what you want to achieve. Not all digital marketing agencies are made equal—here are a few reasons why we’re different: Our SEO experts’ dedication to getting results for our customers drives us towards success. Your business’ website deserves an attractive online presence and SEO strategy that produces positive returns on your investment.

We Place High importance on Partnerships

At Optimum7, we work extensively with you to ensure positive business outcomes. We value honesty and integrity in all dealings with clients. Additionally, we treat everyone respectfully as partners working toward a common goal of achieving sustainable growth and success.

We Deliver Results

As the best SEO company, we have a full SEO strategy and principles that other Miami SEO companies do not. Our Miami SEO experts work with our clients to ensure they always understand what we do. We create thorough website audits and in-depth keyword research, as well as ongoing link-building strategies that improve your campaign progress.

Regular and On-going Reporting

With our Miami SEO services, you'll receive monthly reports and regular updates that will show your website's progress every step of the way. We keep you in the loop so that everything is transparent with no confusion or complications about what to expect from each campaign.

Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies

Our Miami SEO experts are dedicated to helping you expand your business's website presence through strategies tailored to meet specific needs. We start with a comprehensive website audit and keyword research, which is important for planning our SEO and marketing strategy from the beginning so that we can reach your target audience as effectively as possible on search engines like Google or Bing.

Positive ROI

Our Miami SEO services are proven to generate a positive ROI. When you choose our proven track record of helping startups and small businesses, we take the time to listen so that your strategies can generate positive growth. We combine digital marketing expertise with dedication in order to create effective campaigns for a better online presence.

Our Miami SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing Services

Keyword Research

Our dedicated Miami SEO experts work tirelessly and do keyword research to learn about your business and industry in order to provide the best strategies for increasing your rankings on major search engines.

Link Building

Our dedicated SEO experts are here to help your website generate more organic traffic and establish its online presence across Google, Bing, and other search engines. To achieve this goal we use comprehensive link-building strategies that will build up your website’s pages on the web without spamming or manipulating algorithms for short-term gains but long-lasting success.

Content Writing and Content Marketing

Optimum7 is a Miami SEO company that specializes in content writing. Our writers are creative, imaginative and can engage your audience better than anyone else. We focus on delivering targeted articles to help you build an online presence with our digital marketing services.

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO company in Miami has over a decade of experience in increasing traffic and generating organic traffic and leads to help our partners grow their website rankings. We use effective, competitive methods that allow us to give customers the best service possible for maximum revenue growth.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Have you been searching for a Miami SEO company that can help your business’ website grow? If so, Optimum7 has the solution! Our dedicated consultants focus on increasing local searches and boosting listings in online search page results. This will allow more customers to find you while also improving ROI within just days of working together.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimum7 offers technical SEO services in Miami to help you build a solid digital foundation for your website. From fine-tuning the details of scalability and functionality, we will optimize your website so it can stand up against any competition on search engines like Google or Bing.

eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our eCommerce SEO experts in Miami can help you get more qualified leads that will turn into customers. A successful campaign isn’t just about generating leads, but quality over quantity

Mobile SEO Optimization

The number of mobile web users is growing with more than 50% now using their phones to access the internet. But if your website isn’t optimized for these devices, it could negatively affect how much organic traffic you receive from Google.

Franchise SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We’re a Miami FL SEO company that tailors our services to multi-location businesses. Our SEO specialists use refined and up-to-date methods to increase your online visibility, so you can attract qualified leads!

What Our Customers are Saying

Our business has seen great success since hiring Optimum7 as an SEO agency to help us with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We watched as search traffic grew by over 12 times in a matter of weeks, and it continues to climb even higher still today! They're professional from the very start of each project we work on together, which makes me confident that they will continue to be successful at what they do for years to come.
Brad Besner
Techpro Security Products
Optimum7 has done a great job with my website and law company. They have helped me boost our law firm's online presence, gain the confidence to move forward in our potential for future success online through amazing work on Website Marketing, Reputation Management, and Maintenance.

Eric J. Hertz
Hertz Law
Optimum7 has helped us find a niche, international audience who are interested in studying at our university. We have seen a steady stream of leads thanks to Optimum7's effective implementation of strategies that attracted potential students and applicants.

Grizelle De Los Reyes
Florida International University

How Does Our Miami SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Process Work?

Our first step is to do a website audit because there are many details. We use Google Analytics as a tool and prioritize what categories we should strongly focus on. Next, we break it down by products or which categories are getting the most organic traffic and visibility – especially within those that generate cash flow in terms of revenue?

After this process, we optimize that category structure and those product pages by using a formula to score every page on the website. We then take all of these data through five sources: Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMRush, and keyword rankings in the Google search engine, etc.

Our process starts by looking at the page authority for both product and category pages. We also pull in all the backlinks from Ahrefs and Moz to create a scoring structure that’s unique to you, so your business can be found more easily online.

At Optimum7, the best Miami SEO and digital marketing agency,  our SEO consultants then work with you to create a six-month SEO and marketing strategy for your business and brand. This should get you from A (revenue, visibility, or phone calls) to B (more revenue/visibility/phone calls).

You can review this plan at the end of that time period and evaluate whether it was successful in meeting its KPIs as well as what kind of impact those KPI changes had on your goals overall.

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Miami FL, Case Study

Gray and Sons Jewelers

GraysandSons Logo
G&S Website Movkup

The Business

Gray & Sons Jewelers is a luxury watch and jewelry store in Miami Beach, Florida. Since 1980 they’ve been providing quality service on their eCommerce website as well at their retail location. They knew that one of the keys to success was creating an exceptional customer experience through high-quality products with excellent aftercare services for all SEO clients no matter where or when it occurred.

The Objective

Our primary objective was to improve their organic visibility with our standard SEO strategy, including digital marketing and content marketing. With relevant and quality content, we’d generate more clicks from search engines like Google.

Secondly, we aimed to focus on increasing the company’s online presence by guest blogging and creating an effective PR campaign tailored for them.

Thirdly, we decided to find a new automated email marketing platform. We moved Gray and Sons from their current e-marketing platform Klaviyo.

Lastly, we optimized the website with relevant content so it would be visible in the Google search engine when customers searched for related terms.

The Strategy

Organic Miami SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content Marketing

As one of the most experienced Miami SEO companies, we used our knowledge and experience of Miami SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help Gray & Sons get organic traffic.

We researched relevant keywords and built links from other websites with similar content or niches as their website, which would rank them at the top of the search engine pages for that type of webpage. Then we offered ongoing support by measuring results so they can grow in this field!

Guest Blog Posts and Online PR

Guest blogging may be one of the best ways to boost organic rankings and reach new audiences. There are a lot of benefits, like building connections with other website owners and creating high-quality backlinks. Currently, Gray & Sons is experiencing great results as their efforts in guest blogging have skyrocketed their search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Optimizations

Our SEO experts’ process began by identifying the lowest hanging fruits on their eCommerce website and creating custom SEO campaigns. This included search engine optimization (SEO) as well as conversion rate optimization (CRO).

After all of our optimizations, such as sticky add-to-cart buttons, prominent call-to-actions (CTAs), and improving mobile usability speed – we saw significant traffic boosts in their website in just six months!

Migration from Bronto to Klaviyo

Our Miami SEO experts and development team has successfully migrated numerous eCommerce stores to Klaviyo! As one of the best SEO companies in Miami, we have the expertise and experience needed for this task. No matter how big or small your store is, we can migrate it without losing any necessary details.

You won’t even need to lift a finger because our Miami SEO experts handle everything from start to finish during the migration process so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong that could corrupt your data when being transferred between platforms–we take care of every detail!

We installed Klaviyo tracking and migrated content from their current platform without losing or corrupting any necessary details!


Gray & Sons successfully used Klaviyo to increase sales by 72% in the first 6 months. They were able to do this because they increased their leads and purchases via email marketing, which was up by 35%. Traffic jumped 22k visitors per month with a 50% boost in rankings for the top 3 and 10 keywords.

In just 6 months of using our Email Marketing solution, Gray & Sons achieved an impressive growth rate that included increases such as organic traffic being up 65%, more than 20K additional monthly visits due to improved positioning on search engine rankings, generating over 200 new contacts each day through targeted campaigns.

G&S Results


Optimum7 is an SEO company in Miami FL, that helps businesses improve online visibility through various digital solutions. This popular vacation spot has been attracting people from around the world for years and it’s home to Optimum7 SEO agency!

SEO agencies in the United States cost $100-$250 an hour. They can range from $2,500 – $10,000 per month for US companies alone and monthly SEO plans average at around 2819 dollars (as found by Ahrefs). While overseas prices are much cheaper with rates typically ranging between 10-50 USD/hour depending on where you go.

SEO Services can help you get on the first page of Google for thousands of keywords related to your websites. Partner with Optimum7, the best SEO company, and bring in more revenue! Our team will create custom strategies built around optimizing certain pages so that they rank better organically.

SEO companies help your site stand a better chance of ranking well on Google search engine result pages. In short, SEO does in fact work and helps your website rank higher than other sites for relevant keywords so that users can find you more easily online.

SEO is not a waste of money because it can improve the customer experience, increase your authority, drive more people to your site and give you an edge over the competition. SEO also increases conversions which means sales for businesses.

Search engine optimization is going to be an integral part of driving traffic in 2022. The importance of SEO for search engines will continue to rise as people rely on it more and spend less time with other sources like social media or email marketing campaigns.

SEO is an extremely effective source of traffic and leads for businesses. Not only does SEO generate a ton of organic search clicks, but it also has the potential to bring in more than 20 times as many qualified visitors compared with paid ads on Google and Social Media ads!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps your website rank higher in searches done by internet users.

The short answer is that SEO can be very helpful when trying to increase attention through targeted digital marketing efforts such as generating tons of organic search click-throughs or attracting over twenty times more customers from free listings vs those paying advertising prices directly on google like AdWords.

SEO is expensive, but the rewards are worth it. An average company SEO plan costs $2819 per month; however, there’s a huge range of prices – from less than $500 to over $50k each month!

Google’s algorithm is top secret and they do not allow for any sort of payment or request for a better local ranking. According to Google, their goal with the search results is to have it be as fair as possible without allowing specific requests by businesses.

eCommerce SEO to Thrive.

No matter which way you go around it, you’ll need an eCommerce SEO strategy with specific know-how for your business to get visible and thrive. Start building your online authority now.