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Optimum7 has helped thousands of eCommerce businesses turn their websites into 24/7 sales departments by continuously generating targeted leads and sales.

We do this by understanding your internal processes, long term goals and objectives. We then create and execute a custom eCommerce Marketing Strategy for you. This custom strategy may consist of over 3 separate services and execution schedules.


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Our Strategy

Establish Goals

Your business goals might change along with your business needs and growth metrics. At Optimum7, we identify and review these goals quarterly to make sure they are in line with your vision.

Create An Execution Plan

Nothing happens without a well thought-out plan and a strategy. This is what usually separates from your competition.

Implement and Review

Timely execution of this strategy and analysis of the results weekly, monthly and quarterly is the key to a winning formula that will allow you to reach your objective ROI.


Developing An Internet Marketing Strategy

Let’s drill down into the different goals and solutions that often make up a digital marketing strategy.

These goals evolve over time for multiple reasons. For one thing, you won’t always need the same things. However, trends in search engine and consumer behavior will require you to pivot to new focuses and strategies at times.

One simple, common goal many business leaders make for their websites is to generate more traffic. This is particularly common with new websites.
Please note that the following is not a complete list of marketing goals.

B2B and service-oriented businesses need traffic, but they emphasize lead generation more. If you have a B2C product company, you might not focus on this as strongly. Lead generation involves a funnel of steps that a potential client must perform. Data and analytics, when used properly, identify “bounce points” or places where visitors left the funnel. After that, custom creative and technical solutions can be put into place.

Not every lead is a prospect. Once you nurture leads and qualify them, they become prospects. Having hundreds of active prospects on a monthly basis ensure that you have enough in your pipeline to establish your companies growth in sales.

Once you are able to transform a prospect into a client or a customer, the next objective is to ensure client satisfaction via delivery. If you have a powerful incoming funnel of leads, you can always onboard new clients leveraging that funnel. It’s also essential that you have internal processes and touch points to cultivate clients, possibly up-sell or cross-sell them.


Online Marketing

Sponsored Search

Sponsored search is one of the most effective short-term strategies for getting traffic, leads and sales to your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key strategy for getting the most out of your current consumer base. 

SEO and Content Marketing

This is a long-term strategy. Can be used to build consistent traffic and business for your website over years to come.

Custom Programming

Many businesses need a custom feature or function from their eCommerce platform. This might include custom checkout, upsells and shipping functions.

Advanced Analytics

Gathering data is the key to finding points on your website where consumers leave your funnel. They can also measure the success of your strategies.


Social Media

Social Media allows you to build, maintain and increase your brand following. If executed efficiently, this strategy can bring in increased leads and sales via multiple channels.


Frequently Asked

Digital marketing is a full time job. If you’re running a company, you already have a million things to do. Outsourcing your marketing allows you to have a dedicated team that is devoted to growing your business. You can focus on your store operations and growing your business.

The competitiveness of the digital marketing industry makes it impossible for you to win without an experienced partner on your side. Just think about all the big companies that you have to compete with on a daily basis.

Our expert digital marketers can help you compete for years to come.

If you search for your industry or services online, you will see millions of pages and sites competing for those targeted keywords and terms. It is very likely that you have local or national competitors that are beating you in terms of visibility, traffic, leads and sales. It’s estimated that 50% of online businesses now invest in some sort of Internet Marketing.


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A digital marketing strategy is the path to profitability. Optimum7 can help you set the right goals, offer and implement creative and technical strategies, and use data and analytics to review and improve your business’s performance.