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Top 6 Custom Microsoft SharePoint Development and Programming Functionalities

SharePoint is huge! There are innumerable custom applications and functionalities that could be built on it.

However, organizations and businesses often have no idea what and / or how to improve the capabilities of a specific system that runs on SharePoint.

Here are some basic benefits;

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Custom workflow processes to improve any operation
  • Secure file management across multiple locations, locally and globally
  • Operational efficiencies in HR, IT, Security, Asset Management … all save time and money

… and much too much to list adequately.

.SharePoint is so vast, the burden is really on “us” to determine the most important / relevant applications to master or to have mastered by a 3rd party, if you don’t have an internal IT team 

Using What You Have Until it Doesn’t Work Anymore

All too often, business owners end up working with what they have, and it works—until it doesn’t. Why? Because strategic technology / alternatives are deemed too complicated or just cost more than they are willing to pay.

Enter —- SharePoint

The SharePoint Solution

SharePoint is a colossus of products and technologies that are integrated into a single database configuration ultimately offering access to solutions for virtually every potential user. 

Pretty broad explanation, yes, but because SharePoint is a customizable platform, it can be anything you want it to be with the common objective of making your business operate more efficiently. It’s about using what you already have and making it better. Depending on your company’s needs, your SharePoint platform will be comprised of selected solutions designed specifically for you and cannot be realistically duplicated for any other company. What’s more is with the right developers, the solutions that are implemented will be scalable, meaning as your business grows, the SharePoint software that’s installed will have the capacity to process all of the new data without slowing down or crashing altogether, resulting in you spending more money and paying another developer to rebuild your database.

6 Customized SharePoint Productivity and Efficiency Features

  1. Workflow

You will be amazed at the type of functionalities that SharePoint can provide to your company’s processes, resulting in the reduction of your workflow and increase in efficiency. Things that may have taken hours for your company to complete can be executed within minutes. This is done by implementing task actions, and creating an app that loops certain commands through the use of automation. Custom approval processes, multiple admin levels and different level of permissions and integration into your CRM are just a few things that could be done.

  1. Records Management

This is probably going to be the most efficient use of your customized SharePoint platform. Since most of the files that businesses deal with are digital, sharing these documents can become quite messy, especially when multiple users are involved. Emailing is the common method of transferring electronic files, but keeping up with the most current message and attachments can also become confusing. With SharePoint, you can have a controlled method of transferring documents with the ability to share them with select users, all the while keeping them secured where you’ll be able to easily access and download them from anywhere! 

Another great feature about SharePoint’s records management is having the ability to store all of your data in the cloud. Instead of using a server that will eventually reach its capacity, get overheated and need replacing, you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of storage—another resourceful scalable feature. Sharepoint will save you the extra expense of storage for servers and storing physical or secure documents!

  1. Mobile Accessibility

Professionals are conducting business on their mobile devices more than their desktop. With SharePoint, all of your mobile platforms are optimized, meaning whatever mobile device you’re viewing from will be easy to read. This means that your SharePoint platform has the ability to accommodate any device. You’ll no longer have to adjust your mobile screen to view content better. This saves you tons of time and makes productivity more efficient. 

  1. Managing Your Web Content Better

SharePoint can provide you with better tools to manage your web content. Your SharePoint platform can have the Drag and Drop functionality, an ability that allows you to click and drag menu items to a webpage. You can also get the language detection functionality where your database system can redirect users to the appropriate language. Global websites like Facebook have this feature!

One of the goals of an exceptional website is having reputable websites share your content. That’s great, but what happens when you update the content or even the style of that website? Do the webpages linked to other websites change, or will they become a 404 errors? With SharePoint, you don’t have to worry about that, because it’s designed with cross-site publishing. The benefit to you is that whenever you make changes to your website, those changes will be made on all sites that’s linked to your page.

  1. Cataloging

Actually another facet of managing your web content better, depending on what your line of business is, you may need a cataloging feature for inventory management that’s not directly related to eCommerce operations. For instance, employees need to be catalogued! It’s just as important for your human resource department to manage all of their employees to determine how long an individual has been working with them, the salary, bonuses, when and if they’re due for a raise, tracking benefits, etc.

  1. The Search Function

You can get comfortable with SharePoint quickly. It’s a database customizable specifically for your business, so anything and everything related to it can essentially be uploaded to this platform for safekeeping and easy accessibility. Why? SharePoint is designed so that all of your content can be properly identified. With the search function, to retrieve what you need in this massive database of information, just type it in! It’s a functionality that you use on websites all of the time, but when it comes to managing internal operations, it’s an essential tool for efficiency.

SharePoint is a complicated system to develop because business operations are complicated and none are managed exactly the same way. It’s about getting to know your business—understanding how the internal work process flows and examining what can be done to make it better. Then it’s about designing a database that encompasses all of your solutions onto one secure platform. This is a tedious process that can take months to complete depending on the business’ current operations and objectives. Ultimately, SharePoint will positively impact your company’s profit margin.

How great is that!Here are a few of Optimum7’s SharePoint implementations and customizations for for-profit, non-profit companies and governmental organizations;

  • Request and Approval Application for Chemical Company (Microsoft SharePoint, SAP, Podio)
  • SharePoint Landing Page Design with Intranet
  • Franchise Unit Management and Reporting (Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress Plugin)
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials and Work Center Database (Automating the Quoting Processes)
  • Production Tracking Tool for Oil and Gas Industry
  • Data Analysis for Confidential Case Work
  • Missile and Weapons Database for the Defense Department
  • Credit Worthiness Application for Banks and Government
  • Database to Manage Capital Expenditures


To see case studies for the above or if you need help regarding your existing or new SharePoint development needs, contact us today. We can help!

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