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Things to Consider When Producing Potentially Viral Content

Things to Consider When Producing Potentially Viral ContentA dream of almost any business that heavily utilizes digital marketing strategies is producing content that actually goes viral. Who doesn’t want their content spread across the Internet? After all, that’s how you transition from nobody into somebody, isn’t it?  But is it a good way to help customers remember your brand? And, more importantly, what happens to a brand after it produces viral content?

As I prepare to help plan and produce a viral video, and after reading many articles on the subject, I have to wonder – is it really that easy? Is there a simple formula to follow that increases your chances of producing viral content? If it were that easy, then viral content wouldn’t hold the weight that it does in the digital space. At first glance, the best viral videos, in my opinion, are spontaneous, fun, and resonate on a personal level.

Images are a Thousand Words

While you cannot underestimate the power of the written word, there’s also no denying the power of a great video. Considering all of the platforms that provide opportunities for visual storytelling, it is way easier to stumble across a short video that is worth sharing rather than piecing through content from your favorite publication(s). As a result, the digestion of instantaneous content rapidly helps an audience learn about the objective of a brand.

Are There Any Prerequisites??

Do you need a loyal, engaged audience to ensure that a viral video is shared? Not necessarily. But without a strong community of followers, it may be harder to get your content in front of the right people. This is particularly important if you are hoping for a smashing hit, as a viral video only has a limited amount of time to take off before it becomes old news.

Without a strong following, the reaction to your video depends on whom your content addresses. If you’re nervous to put all of your cards out there without a strong following, work on building that customer base by creating relevant, high-quality content to help you become an authority in your given niche.

Reaching the Right People

A viral video is all about having the right content in front of the right people. Even if your content evokes emotion and is shared across a variety of platforms, it may fall short by merely grabbing attention. And how long does that attention really last before users move onto to the next big thing?

If your objective is to simply gain more attention, whatever it may be, then coming up with a video may be a short-term solution for achieving widespread awareness. But if the objective of your video is to generate leads, it’s wise to craft your video content around the things your customers need to hear and through the platforms they use. Make sure your content answers their questions through the explanation of benefits.

Do I Have a Good Concept?

The old adage that ‘less is more’ is applicable to the approach of viral videos. If your video is trying too hard to get a reaction, the content will feel forced. Although marketers may have high hopes for distribution, it is unrealistic to assume a video will go viral. Do your best by focusing on telling a relatable, emotive story, leaving out the sales pitches, maintaining light brand affinity, and setting attainable goals and objectives for your video.

How Will I know If It’s Successful?

While you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to make an awesome video, you will probably spend a great deal of time and energy during the production phase to increase its chances of success. Nonetheless, there are many great videos out there that did what they needed for the distributor but didn’t go viral. Just because your video doesn’t have a million shares doesn’t mean it was a flop. Each piece of content that you create, whether it’s a video, blog post, or a paid ad, has its own metrics for analysis. Regardless of size, the key here is to get a reaction from your target audience.

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