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Social Bookmarking Success Guide

Social Bookmarking should be an integral part of your Social Media strategy. There are many benefits of using Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious. These sites are also a great way to help search engine giants such as Google, Bing and Yahoo expose your content, rank your content and ultimately drive traffic to your website. This guide features 4 How To’s for popular Social Booking sites and helpful tools to get you started. There are also a number of other sites you should be using for educational, self-promotional and marketing purposes.

Social Bookmarking Sites Can:

  • Introduce new sites
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Help you obtain backlinks
  • Help you establish authority
  • Expose your content

Helping Our Bots: Social Bookmarking Sites Help Search Engines By:

  • Exposure– When you first start a blog or create a webpage, your content will most likely have little exposure. For this reason, Social Bookmarking sites will help you get your content out into the world and perhaps even drive traffic to your site.
  • Votes– The greater amount of votes (Diggs, StumbleUpons, Reddits, etc.) a page has, the more useful it usually is. This page may also rank higher in the Google algorithm.
  • Authority –The better the quality of the content, the more relevant it will be to search engines. Quality may also be established by the number of bookmarks from varied users and Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Meta Tags– While meta tags may not help you much with the bots, it does, indeed, help you get more click through rate from users by categorizing your content.

And The Winners Are: Top Social Bookmarking Sites You Must Use

  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Delicious

How to Use StumbleUpon for SEO

How exactly does StumbleUpon work?

StumbleUpon has several cool features that are often overlooked by the naked eye. Most of these features are easy to use but may sometimes confuse a user. That is why with this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to navigate the site easily and in a timely manner.

You may use it as a reference template or you may just want to train your crew with it. Whatever you do, the only requirement now, is for you to give me your full attention.

Tool Bar

In order to efficiently use the StumbleUpon Tool Bar see below:

The top left hand tool bar will let you: like pages, unlike a page as well as Stumble your interests!

It will also let you share comments with your contacts and post them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will also be able to comment on your contacts’ posts as well as share them on Social Media profiles with one click.

The tool bar on the right hand side of the page will let you edit your interests and channels. It will allow you to check your shares, messages and new updates as well as edit your profile settings.


To view your profile and change profile settings, click on the word “profile” at the top right hand corner and follow these instructions:

To add a feed you must click on “add new page” at the bottom of the page

Adding Feed

After you click “add new page”, this will appear:

You must remember to complete all categories in order to obtain more exposure.


To discover new interests, channels and stumblers, click “discover” at the top right hand corner of the page:

You will obtain recommendations by StubleUpon on who to follow.

Digg How Tos

There should be no excuse for not having Digg as one of your major Social Bookmarking sites. Perhaps the most user-friendly and fastest of all Social Bookmarking sites, Digg allows you to share countless information with one click. This site lets you discover, share and recommend top news content which you can also subscribe to be sent to your e-mail. Digg offers a no-follow system of bookmarking and may generate leads that rank directly in the main search engines. In need of a personal newspaper? Take advantage of Digg’s free features.

Tool Bar and Setting

Use the Digg tool bar to add new feed. When adding new feed click on the “submit a link” button, then follow these instructions:

Reddit How Tos

Reddit is another Social Bookmarking site worth considering. This site may help you bump traffic to your blog significantly. Main key points to remember when using Reddit is to always post varied content. Reddit hates promotional content. Also keep titles and photos catchy. For some reason, this site emphasized in these details.

As far as content, personal stories, humor, leisure and creative material make the top categories according to Reddit users. Avoid posting technical material. Instead, craft something wild and see it shine. One more thing. Subreddits are categories in which you may include your content for more exposure. When assigning your content to a subreddit, remember to choose wisely. This includes selecting a category that has enough activity.

Tool Bar

Use the Reddit tool bar to check your Reddits, popular Reddits and new Reddits. You can also check your messages and preferences.

Submit a Feed

When submitting a feed fill out all categories and remember you can submit by adding a link or by adding text.

Delicious How Tos

Delicious tends to be the standard by which other Social Bookmarking sites are compared to. Crafted with a minimalistic design, it has a very effective interface which users love. Delicious is perhaps the best option for someone who’s starting to get acquainted with Social Bookmarking. With this site you can enjoy features such as: being able to save your favorite webpages and having easy access to come back again and again. It also lets you search for bookmarks using keywords or related tags. Delicious is known to have a strong community of users. The site is user-friendly and lets you add friends easily.

Tool Bar

Use the tool bar to view your profile, import and save bookmarks as well as adding links.

Submit a Feed

To submit a feed click on the “add link” button at the top right hand corner, then follow these instructions:

It’s All About Sharing! Social Bookmarking Tools

Social Bookmarking is a process worth establishing in your Marketing plan. Why? Think about the role of these sites. They are meant to expose interesting content often categorized by niche. They are also great at recommending  trending content. If you think about it, not only might you establish a certain authority, but you can also search for content to blog about. It’s a win-win for you and for your fellow Social Bookmarking community. Get out there and share your amazing content!

Social Bookmarking Sites for the Educational Community

  • BibSonomy– This site is designed for university students who want to research and share bibliographies.
  • Citeulike– This site helps students share and organize academic papers.
  • Connotea-This is a social bookmarking site for researchers.

Social Bookmarking Sites for Self Promotion

  • Blipoo: This site allows self-promotion! Yes. You heard right. Boost your blog traffic by creating an account.
  • Claimid– With this site you have the power to manage your identity by bookmarking other sites that contain content about you. You can build backlinks this way.
  • Freezilla– It’s known as the first Web 2.0 promotional and networking tool.
  • Sk*rt– For those of you in Reputation Management, this is a site that targets women.
  • Vuju– This site allows you to tag and promote your content.

Social Bookmarking for the Marketing Community

  • Llogo-This site is used for displaying your favorite webpages in aesthetic ways.
  • Marktd– This site identifies articles and trends that are important to the Marketing community.
  • Mysitevote– This site lets you vote for different websites and lets you view how popular they are.
  • Philoi– This site is known as a link sharing haven.

Social Bookmarking Sites You Must Not Overlook

  • Searchles– This site is loved by the giant Google and all the other search engines. Why? Because of it’s high term rankings and link popularity. Check it out!
  • Sitebar– This site is known to work in multiple browsers.

Free Goodie! Social Bookmarking Publishing Template

Content creation is one thing. But what’s the point in creating brilliant content if no one knows it exists? That’s when StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious come into play. Always remember that content promotion is just as important as content creation. Social Bookmarking facilitates this process because it offers a way for your content to be easily found by the search engines and users as well as be ranked according to its quality and authority. For more information on Social Media and SEO, contact us today!

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