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How to Guest Blog and Build Authority Backlinks for eCommerce Sites

Ninety percent of Optimum7’s clients are eCommerce businesses. They need content marketing strategies with these clients, because SEO will earn them revenue.

Experience has taught the developers this fact: most eCommerce sites with their main URLs and homepage will get all the backlinks, authority, brand mentions, media mentions, and sub pages. Their deep pages will actually not have any backlinks or authority. Therefore, they rank for some competitive terms but don’t get the long tail. Especially if they have thousands and thousands of products and index pages on Google, the pages dilute their authority.

The Importance of High Authority Backlinks for eCommerce SEO

At Optimum7, the marketers build really high-quality authority backlinks, leveraging guest blog posts from targeted sources. This has done wonders for clients and their organic rankings.

Talk about authority backlinks.

When it comes to SEO, backlinking is a huge part within that strategy. An effective backlink strategy is crucial to your organic growth. A marketer goes in and identifies what pages need to get backlinks pushed to them.

The marketer also identifies anchor text to push that backlink. By implementing some exact match, as well as keyword phrase anchor texts, they are now able to increase organic visibility for a specific search query.

For example, the team likes pushing these backlinks to a category page that houses a collection of Christmas t-shirts. If the backlinks reinforce that keyword Christmas t-shirts, using that anchor text will lead to the client climbing in search engine rankings. So that’s a crucial part of the Optimum7 marketing strategy.

The client sites doing the best continuously get new domain backlinks, with high authority. Marketers continuously push the backlinks in the guest blog post mentions to deep category pages.

Leveraging Popular Guest Blog Posts for eCommerce Businesses

What is the strategy behind this?

First of all, identify the top authority pages on your site. Suppose you are selling dress ties and have a page where you’ve created an informational section — “How To Tie A Tie”. If that ranks on the first page of Google with the most amount of backlinks or authority, target that page with content and backlinks.

Marketers look at which pages have authority, and authority is very easy. A tool like SEMrush or SpyFu will determine the pages that rank for high-quality high volume terms respectively on Google.

Are you on the map yet? Go back and see how much you need to do or how many guest blog posts are needed. Also consider what the authority needs to be from those pages as well how much effort and money it’s going to take for you to rank on the first page on Google.

Even when you achieve this goal, ranking on the first page is not enough. Now you have to rank in the top three to get the traffic.

Once you identify that, find people who are going to post your article or your guest blog posts on their site, sending you a backlink. Optimum7 has a process, strategy and relationships to do this. This strategy skyrockets clients so they rank for competitive terms as the top three results on Google. Page one is the ultimate goal.

What are competitive terms?

A competitive term is one keyword that many companies want to rank for as the top three results on page one of Google. These can include “RC toys”, “buy RC toys”, “buy RC cars”, “Christmas t-shirt”, “Thanksgiving t-shirt”, and “Halloween shirt.” Demand and difficulty to rank both define a competitive term.

Link Building With .Edu And .Gov Domains

You recently introduced the .edu and .gov backlink strategy. Tell us about that.

Not all backlinks are created equal. The .edu and .gov domains make a huge differentiation for competing with other websites that are also trying to rank for the same spot. These types of sites tend to have a much higher authority and better trust-flows than typical .com’s.

Why is this?

These sites typically have trustworthy content. To have a .edu ending, you have to qualify to be a .edu. That means certifying that you’re an educational institution. Therefore all the content and the links that point to that site are going to transfer over and help you in the long run.

There are many benefits of these .edu domains. They’re typically older URLs that have already established a higher domain authority. These extremely powerful backlinks not only transfer over more link equity than your standard .com or .net or .co, but also shows progress at a faster rate.

The typical backlink will take around 10 weeks before it starts indexing and starts showing any type of improvement on your site. However, with these .edu’s, because of the trust flow and domain authority, that time is essentially cut in half almost. Between four to five weeks, you will start to see the keyword ranking increases from these backlinks.

Optimizing For Google Searches

If you want to see your specific page rank for the desired term on page one you must implement two strategies:

Optimize the content. eCommerce category pages that rank on page three don’t even have content in most cases. This creates opportunities in eCommerce sites. If you have a category page that has a hundred thousand search volume on the third page but no content, then it’s a long-term cost. When you add the words on relevant topics, you differentiate your website significantly.

Push .edu backlinks. Aim for between four to six high authority backlinks for that page. You will watch that ranking and website climb to the first page in a matter of weeks.

Strategy has to be done the right way. The authority site can not be a spam backlinks but rather a targeted in-content guest blog post. A guest post submission needs to be relevant and come from a targeted page. You can repeat this strategy multiple times.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Optimum7 has relationships with authors and guest bloggers who already write at .edu websites. Reach out if you’re looking for a specific package for these backlinks. This will skyrocket your rankings for specific terms that you’re already on the map for, creating room for guest blogger opportunities and leveraging link building.

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