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eCommerce Video Production and Product Videos for Social Marketing in Miami, FL

eCommerce product videos are a great way to demonstrate your product or inform your customers on specific features about your product as well as increase brand awareness. These kinds of videos are also sometimes called infomercials or explainer videos. They aren’t like traditional commercials because they don’t rely on imagery with strong emotional appeals to connect with your target audience. However, a high-quality product video can have the same effect on your viewers while informing consumers about what your product and/or services.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Video

The look of an eCommerce product video can vary greatly. Some may have high-end product showcases that look like Apple could have produced them. Others might take on a more casual infomercial style with a spokesperson presenting the product like you would see on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Deciding what style works best for your product depends on a number of factors.

When producing an eCommerce product video, the main goal is to demonstrate your product and show your customers what the product looks like in use. Keep in mind what your target audience is interested in and what appeals to them.

For example, say your product is a bathroom deodorizer (a very intimate subject that some consider taboo to talk about). In this case, injecting humor into your video is a great way to lighten the mood and make your viewers more comfortable about addressing what may otherwise be a boring subject.

If your product is something more complex like a piece of technology, a straight-forward tutorial that goes through the best features of the product will help your customers understand what your product is and how to use it.

Capturing Captivating Content

Regardless of which route you decide to take with your video, it is imperative that the content grabs your audience’s attention immediately. No one wants to watch a 5-minute tutorial for a product they don’t own and don’t care about.  Many eCommerce product videos make the mistake of being too conventional.

How to Make Informational Video Content Interesting

The key is to add a sense of personality to your product that coincides with your brand. A few ways this can be achieved are through the performance of your spokesperson, the setting of your video, and the overall aesthetic of your video.

Take for example the late, great Billy Mays, spokesperson for the viral OxiClean commercial campaign. The format of the commercial is something we’ve all seen a million times—a spokesperson for a cleaning product standing in front of a table comparing their product to a competitor’s through visual demonstration. It’s been done so many times that it’s easy to ignore, but OxiClean’s choice of spokesperson was what made their commercial stand out. Billy Mays’ bombastic personality added a ton of energy to what would otherwise be a mundane household product.

Another way to add some flair to your video is by simply placing your product against an eye-catching backdrop. It also helps if the setting is relevant to how and where your product will be used. For example, if your product is a beach towel, it only makes sense to shoot your video at the beach! In this video we did for the Miami based company Lushrobe, we shot their collection of blankets and bags in front of a cluster of palm trees and outfitted our actress with a flowy dress to reinforce the visual aesthetic of the Miami designed products.

The Preliminary Production Stages of an eCommerce Product Video

Due to the straightforward nature of eCommerce product videos, the script-writing and shot-planning processes are not as involved as the more complex projects. However, you will need to have professional equipment and the expertise to produce the highest-quality video possible.

Other Creative Ways to Shoot an eCommerce Product Video

By now, you should have a better idea of the tone of your video and how to display the features of your product. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to have a spokesperson on-screen in your video. Instead, you can choose to have a voiceover explaining what is happening on-screen, or forego this entirely and have simple titles describing the process of using your product. These are easy ways to cut costs on the production of your video.

Optimum7. Your Complete One-Stop Shop for Quality Video Production

Here at Optimum 7, we are fully equipped with several Ultra High Definition cameras, as well as professional lighting and audio equipment. We specialize in all kinds of eCommerce product videos that run the gambit from a high-budget creative commercial to the smaller-scale informational eCommerce product videos. Besides providing filming and video editing services, Optimum 7 also takes care of the entire production process from the planning, script-writing stages to optimize the videos for SEO once they are out on the web. We also have the added benefit of being located in scenic Miami, FL, where palm trees and beautiful white sand beaches can provide stunning backdrops for your videos.

Get your products noticed in the digital marketing arena with the assistance of Optimum7’s Production Team. Contact us to get start the production process today.

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