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Amazon Listing Optimization: How to Increase Product Rankings

Amazon Listing Optimization

Using Amazon properly can increase your product sales by a dramatic degree. As the world’s largest online storefront, Amazon tends to attract online browsers who have already made up their mind to buy something.

An Amazon product detail page is generally considered to have a good conversion rate if it is at 15%. That’s about 3 to 5 times that of other eCommerce sites. This tells you that people on Amazon product detail pages are already close to committing to a purchase.

However, to get the most traffic to your Amazon product page, you must optimize your listing for both search-ability and utilize the best practices of Amazon marketing.

Here are the key factors in maximizing conversions via an Amazon listing optimization:

Think Like A Buyer When Writing Product Titles

Both shoppers and Amazon itself want your titles to be short, and to the point. However, you can make use of your allotted 150-250 characters to add keywords that can help you rank highly when shoppers are looking for similar products.

Key Elements of an Amazon Product Title:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Searchable features (color, size, weight, use)

For example, an orange Frisbee product title might look like this:

Deluxe Orange Frisbee – Perfect Weight for Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee Golf – 175 grams

You have two missions every time you write an Amazon product title. The first is telling the customer as much as you can about the product before they even visit the page, and the second is to use search-friendly keywords. However, never pack it so full of keywords that a human reader would become confused while reading it.

To find relevant keywords, use tools like Merchant Words, Google Keyword Planner and Simple Keyword Inspector.

It’s also worth typing in a keyword in Amazon’s search bar and checking the results in the “recommended” part. This is known as Amazon’s A9 algorithm. It is based on popular related search terms.

Trigger Emotional Recognition with Product Images and Videos

Images may persuade shoppers to stop and click on a product page than any other factor. That’s why it’s worth posting high quality, detailed images of your products. Amazon does have certain internal rules that are worth knowing about images.

Product Image Rules from Amazon

  1. The main image must only include the product you are selling on a white background. This helps make the search results look clear and uniform. This decision is based on early days of Amazon testing when they discovered visitors bought much more when they could see the products on a white background.
  2. The main product image should have no accessories, models, action shots, or text.
  3. Make an effort to use the best possible image for each of the 5-9 slots offered. Don’t fill these with low-quality images just for the sake of having them there.

Optimizing Product Photos Can Include:

  • Product from different angles
  • The back of the product label
  • Images of the product in action (just not for the main photo)
  • Informational images with text and charts
  • Images that indicate scale, like a human holding your product

Amazon wants your images to be a minimum of 1,000 pixels x 1,000 pixels so that you can take advantage of the zoom feature. Amazon buyers do like this feature, so you may even want to use images that are 2,000 x 2,000 pixels for more clarity.

Using Bullets Properly

If the image and title didn’t seal the deal, your next chance to persuade buyers comes from your bullet points. Introduce these bullets with a short paragraph, usually two to four sentences. Watch your reviews to see if any complaints came from a misunderstanding of what the product is or what it does. Clarify these bullets as often as needed.

Use your first three bullets to outline the product’s most important features. Take a look at the example below.


Our premium throw blanket has a generous surface area, and the cozy texture of 100% pure Turkish cotton, which makes it pill resistant and safe for washers and dryers. This blanket is ideal for bedspreads and sofas or packing up for a trip to the park or beach.


The loose weave keeps you warm without overheating, making it perfect for a night by the fire or a chilly morning.


With many distinct patterns to choose from, you are sure to find one that makes your entire room look great.

Use the fourth and fifth bullets to answer common questions and concerns.

For example:


These sizable blankets will look and feel great on a king-sized bedspread, or as a cover for a sofa, futon, or couch.


Contact us if you have any issues, and we would be happy to hear about them. We will refund or replace the product as necessary.

Optimizing Product Descriptions: Your Last Chance to Close

Often, product descriptions are the last thing a customer will see if they are really unsure about whether or not to buy something on an Amazon listing.

However, the low placement of the product description on an Amazon page means many customers overlook it. Most of your key information should be higher up, but your description still matters.

You can use basic HTML to italicize, embolden, or highlight key words or phrases. Lumped paragraphs tend to cause readers to tune out.

Star Ratings, Reviews, and Other First Impressions

Star ratings and reviews are one of the first things your shoppers will see, so they matter more than you may want to think. A product with an average star rating of 4 or 4.5 stars will outsell a similar product with 3 to 3.5 stars.

This rating is not a straight mathematical average of your star ratings. In 2015, Amazon began using a weighted system that factored in how old the review is, or how helpful other customers said the review was.

The best way to get these factors to work for you is to court organic reviews from people who paid the full price for your product.

Overall: Focus on Clarity, Transparency, and Search-ability

Just like with the pictures and the bullets, reviews, and stars are about transparency, clarity, and quality. These are consistent values of Amazon marketing and SEO in general. If you make your priorities match Amazon’s, you will be doing your eCommerce business a favor in the long term.

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