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Alternatives to Google Reader Using These 3 Time Sensitive Facebook Pages

facebook pages you won't resist likingWith the death of Google Reader, my Facebook following has gone on some kind of “end of the world” rampage, shaking their fists (or should that be keyboards?) and asking where they will get their news updates and information now that Google Reader is gone.

As a result, I’ve decided to compile a list of 3 Facebook pages that will provide you with all the information you need about the latest trends in technology.

Mourn Google Reader no more! These pages cover everything from news updates to hilarious memes. They’re so good that Google Reader will soon become a distant memory.

Let’s get started and fill that hole in your heart:

Clean Geek

My morning quest for informative happiness as I like to call it, always begins with a visit to one of my favorite Facebook pages: Clean Geek.

best facebook pages for news updates

This Facebook page will not only stretch your lips into a wide smile with its witty memes, but it will also keep you informed and up-to-date on current Social Media news and updates with their engaging posts.

I especially recommend this page for all those who enjoy technology related humor.

Clean Geek will ease the ache for Google Reader with their:

Instructional and Helpful Content

Clean Geek has the awesome habit of posting engaging content that provides tips on how to keep the Internet a more productive place with posts related to Internet security and technical instructions.

technology related facebook pages

Internet Safety Related Content

 Are you constantly worried about your Social Media accounts being hacked? If you subscribe to Clean Geek’s Facebook page, you won’t have to be. Clean Geek offers regular updates on accounts that have been hacked, like those in the examples below:

Keeping the internet safe and productive

Humorous Content

But by and large, my favorite thing about Clean Geek is that they are big on Social Media humor. If you’re a Social Media geek like me then you’ll probably find their content amusing, too.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of humor you’ll find on Clean Geek’s page that will turn those tears of heartache into tears of laughter:

facebook pages that will make you LOL

Ars Technica

Another Facebook page that I’m particularly fond of due to its varied content on technology news and trends is Ars Technica.

the best place to get technology news

This Facebook page will provide you with technology news updates, product reviews and information about innovative new gadgets.

I recommend this Facebook page for all those individuals who are relatively technology savvy and enjoy learning about about new gadgets and processes.

Here are some examples of the content you’ll find:

News Related Content

One of the aspects I love the most about Ars Technica is that I can always rely on them to find time sensitive content related to technology.

Here’s an example of how Ars Technica engaged their audience after Google announced the end of Google Reader.

the best content to keep your accounts safeReview Content

We all know how important reviews are to the success of a product. Ars Technica provides detailed reviews on several products including Smartphones and video games that I have found useful. Not only do they provide their own reviews, they also compile suggestions and comments from avid readers!

See the examples below:

technology gadgets reviews and updates

Innovative Product Content

Like I said before, if technology related gadgets are your cup of tea, then you are in the right place.

Ars Technica features a variety of innovative products from hard drives to more complicated devices like processors.

best technology product reviews


Last but not least, another Facebook page I can’t seem to get enough of is How-To-Geek. This page is always a stop on my morning quest for informative happiness!

How to Facebook pages you should like

This page is dedicated to providing users with instructional information on fixing and building technological gadgets as well as interactive guides on how to use selected software.

I recommend this page to programmers, web developers and anyone who wishes to learn how to build and recycle gadgets.

You’ll find a whole mess of useful information on How-To-Geek’s Facebook page, including:

Instructional Guides and Tips Content

It’s never a bad idea to consult a detailed professional guide when in doubt, even if you are not a beginner. Having this back-up information can serve a purpose when we forget something and need to go back to a trusted source. After all, we are all human and are apt to forget things.

How-to Geek offers instructional guides on how to use Photoshop and other creative software.

Check out the example below:

Photoshop tricks and tips

How-To Technology Content

How-To-Geek will also show you how to turn already cool technology gadgets into other awesome creations.

With that said, they’ll also help you save some money along the way.

Take for instance the example below where they show you how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a networked storage system.

how to make the most out of your technology gadgets

Problem Solving Content

It’s often hard to find the right answer to a very technical question on the Internet. We’ve all spent hours putting all kinds of keyword combinations into Google Search looking for an article that even makes a modicum of sense, let alone one that actually helps us solve our problem. By the time we find the answer we’re sweaty, disheveled and exhausted.

How-To Geek provides you with reasonable problem solving guides that are both easy to understand, quick to find, and most importantly, accurate.

Check out the examples below where they show you how to uninstall the Ask Toolbar and how to disable the beeping sound when a Facebook notification pops up. They can be pretty darn useful sometimes.

how to keep your facebook data secure

So grab a tissue, shed those last few tears for Google Reader, blow your nose, take a deep breath, and then check out these Facebook pages for a little solace and even more tech-savvy-ness. It’s okay if you sniffle once in a while.

While Google Reader might have been your go-to news haven, Clean Geek, Ars Technica, and How-To-Geek are great alternatives for technological updates, humor, and gadget reviews!

If you’re interested in other Facebook pages, follow me on Twitter @LuciaSastre1 and send me a message!

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