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10 Commonly used Chrome Extensions for Marketers

For many marketers, managing time can be the biggest issue. To improve efficiency and streamline the always-ongoing marketing process, there are a plenty Google chrome extensions one should download to ensure that their time is being used effectively. These are the 10 marketing extensions I should have downloaded a long time ago and that have helped me become a more efficient and valuable marketer.

  1. Fat Rank


Fat Rank is an extension for Google Chrome that allows a user to quickly check the keyword that the site ranks for. Quickly and easily check the keyword ranking of competitors and track your own keyword building efforts. This is a great tool to do quick keyword checks without stopping what you are doing.

  1. Last Pass


This is by far my favorite Chrome extension and the one I use most frequently. As a digital marketer, I am constantly jumping from one client site to another and one web application to another. Each time I did this I wasted lots of time logging into each respective site. Last Pass is the solution to this time wasting problem. By combining an auto login software with a secure password database, Last Pass is an all-in-one password manager. When logging into a site, just click on the Last Pass button that appears in the field and your information will be automatically imputed. When logging into a new site, LastPass will ask if you would like to save the site into their database for future use. Download this extension immediately!

  1. Session Buddy


As a marketer, you often have multiple browser tabs open at once. If you’re anything like me, you have so many tabs open that it becomes a nuisance. Session Buddy can help with this issue by allowing you to save all tabs you have open in a current window. With this extension, you can see all your open tabs in a visually appealing interface, save open tabs to be re-opened later, restore sessions after Chrome unexpectedly quits and more. This tool is very useful for grouping related tabs, closing them out and reopening them when you are ready to work on a project.

  1. Google Page Analytics


This extension is for quickly viewing one of your website’s analytics right on the website itself. This extension has visual features that make it easier to see exactly how users interact with the pages on your client’s sites. Some of the features of the extension include current visitors, page views, unique page views, and average time on the page, percentage exit and bounce rate. Just as in the full Google Analytics site, you can compare these metrics to a previous period or year and set the dates you wish to see. One of my favorite features is the visual representation of where users click on a page. As a visual learner, this helps me visualize exactly how a site is used to more easily make inferences.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper


One of the many tasks of a marketer is to constantly read and research new tools and techniques. Sometimes you stumble across a page with a lot of great information but do not have the time to read it. Other times you want to just save the information to be referenced later. The Evernote Web Clipper is the best Chrome extension for this. With this extension you can “clip” the web pages you want to save for later and they will appear in your Evernote account. Additionally, you can screen shot, save the web page, highlight and add annotations to your clips. By keeping all of your saved articles and notes in one place, it makes referencing these notes much easier than just bookmarking tabs.

  1. Email Hunter


Another great research extension, Email Hunter does exactly what the name implies; it hunts emails from particular web pages. This tool is so simple as it just takes one click and it pulls all relevant email addresses to the site. Additionally, you can see the exact URL of the page where the email was found. This is great for outreach campaigns and finding decision makers within a website.

  1. Awesome Screenshot


Create great screenshots to send to clients and co-workers. This application makes it easy to annotate screenshots in a variety of ways including drawing arrows, blurs, and circles. I have used this app numerous times to better demonstrate particular things to clients. The screen shots always look professional and the tool could not be easier to use.

  1. Moz Bar


Moz Bar, created by the trusted SEO Company Moz, has a variety of functions that make it one of the more useful extensions for marketers. Moz bar allows you to view SEO metrics, create custom searches, check keyword ranking difficulty, examine on page elements and view social media metrics—all for free. For Moz subscribers, you can also conduct comprehensive SERP analysis, detailed page analysis, Open Site Explorer reports, and quickly jump to any other Moz tool.

  1. Check My links


This is a useful tool for any marketer that needs to check on a website or particular piece of content’s link status. With the click of a button, you can see which links on a site work, and which ones do not. This tool is particularly useful when checking pages with dozens of links quickly. Any tool that saves a marketer’s time is a good tool to have.

  1. Momentum


This is a fun extension that modifies the new tab page in Google Chrome to an inspiring and functional home page. After installing the extension, each time you open a new tab in Chrome, an inspirational picture is displayed with a motivating quote. On top of the picture, you can write your to-dos and write your main goals for the day, open a pre-selected list of links and search Google. While this tool does not have any specific marketing functions, the variety of pictures and the constant reminder of your daily goals can help any marketer stay focused.

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