Key Steps to Planning A Successful eCommerce
Re-Brand and Re-Design Project

What makes a re-brand and re-design plan for your entire eCommerce website successful? How do you aim for conversions right from the beginning of your eCommerce website design? 

Clients and prospects often ask about design:

“Should I do a template or custom design? I don’t have my brand guidelines.”

“Should I redesign my site or redo my brand? In your opinion, for an eCommerce business, when does it make sense to do a full scope redesign?”

Here at Optimum7 we map out re-design and re-brand projects and strategize the layout of your website to maximize conversions on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, and other platforms! 

The secret is, an optimized design combined with custom functionality power-tools, like advanced search and filter, multi add-to-cart and many more…

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